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Terms & Conditions 

  • Premade Purchases:

  • All premade purchases are non-refundable. The premade package includes text changes but no other alterations, unless agreed upon with the designer prior to purchase.

  • Should a premade be acquired for use within a series and require alignment with existing branding, the client must seek the designer's authorization.

  • Custom Work / Series Continuations:

  • The final files shall be released upon full payment completion. In the case of custom designs, either party may terminate this agreement before the design process commences, provided written notice is given. If the client cancels the project, the deposit will be retained by the designer. No refunds are applicable once the sample cover has been sent to the client.

  • Upon contract cancellation, the client undertakes to discard all concepts/samples provided by the designer. Unclaimed designs may be repurposed by the designer as premades or offered to others (without using the client’s book information).

  • Upon agreement on a custom work concept, the designer will proceed with finalizing it. Subsequently, major changes (e.g., character replacement) will incur additional charges. Limited minor changes are permissible, limited to three review stages.

  • The client agrees not to share concepts/designs in social groups or public domains during the design process.


  • In adherence to copyright and licensing regulations, PSD files utilized in creating covers cannot be provided to clients. However, upon request and for an additional fee, flattened artwork with separate text can be supplied.

  • As per industry standards, the designer retains the copyright for the completed artwork. However, the client is granted an exclusive license to utilize the final cover design for their book and associated promotional materials. It's important to note that the designer bears no responsibility for any misuse of licensed images and fonts by the client.

  • Client consent is required for extracting portions of the purchased design for use in other covers or unrelated material. Moreover, alterations to the final cover design, except for resizing for printing or digital display, necessitate consultation with the designer and may incur additional fees.

  • The designer reserves the right to exhibit the work in their portfolio or as printed material for promotional purposes. Timing for public display will be mutually agreed upon, allowing for an official cover reveal. Additionally, the designer reserves the right to showcase any version of the cover that best represents their skills, if deemed necessary.

  • All images used on the cover include a standard license from either DepositPhotos,Pexels,Freepik,FreepikPlus,Deviantart,HWWO,seekerstockart&Photomanipulation. 

  • The cost of your cover design includes the rights to use these images and is limited to a print-run of 500.000 units, or sales in the case of ebooks, print books.

  • Illustrated book covers are totally down by Way To Love Design members.

  • Image Licensing and Client Responsibilities:

  • The client is required to adhere to the licensing terms for any images procured by the designer for incorporation into the book cover design. For publications exceeding the designated print run or download allowances, supplementary licensing fees will be applicable. Should this circumstance apply, please contact the designer for further clarification. In the event of a breach in the stock photo contract, the client assumes full liability. The designer bears no responsibility for any infringement related to licensing.

  • If the client supplies images or other materials for inclusion in the project, they affirm that they possess the necessary permissions and licenses for the publication of the provided materials. They shall be solely accountable for verifying the validity of copyrights, trademarks, and related permissions. In the event of any disputes concerning such materials, the client bears complete legal and financial responsibility. The submitted material(s) must not be sourced from the public domain, unless the client is the original author.

  • Thank you for choosing us.

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